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KVM - Your reliable mould partner

With decades of experience, we are an innovative and unique manufacturer with endless design possibilities.

A high degree of creativity and vast technical knowledge about the development and production process means that we can transform your ideas into specific concrete products and make us one of the leading mould suppliers and trendsetters globally.

Our moulds will be designed and constructed to fit your specific production machinery and our casted parts ensure that each mould lasts a lifetime, which helps you to achieve the lowest possible environmental footprint.

When you choose the KVM mould division as your partner you can benefit from our concept which includes:

  • ISO 9001:2015 certification, which ensures you the highest product quality
  • Clever mould construction make the mould change easy and time saving
  • Our 1,000,000 cycles guarantee on casted parts is your guarantee for a long-lasting mould that gives you the lowest production cost per moulded unit
  • KVM's technical specialists provide on-site assistance and leave no customer without help
  • Replaceable wear parts for mould inserts and stamping plates
  • Flexible solutions that give your business a competitive edge

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Moulds Department

Head of Division
Kjeld Sejrup

D. +45 87 702 776

Area Sales Manager
Lars Dürr Hellegaard

D. +45 42 16 80 75

Sales Coordinator,
Intern Sales
Margit B. Brix

D. +45 87 702 755

Concrete » Sales

Head of Division
Poul V. Jakobsen

D. +45 87 702 754

Area Sales Manager
Knud Jensen

D. +45 87 702 787

Area Sales Manager
Leo Jespersen

D. +45 87 702 730

Area Sales Manager
Morten Høgh Jensen

D. +45 40 17 10 24

Asphalt » Sales

Head of Division
Erik Clausen

D. +45 87 702 744

Niels Ebbe Gjørup

D. +45 87 702 740

Claus Engfred Olsen

D. +45 21 78 90 07