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KVM manufactures versatile and robust block stone machines. Our solutions are based on 60 years of experience in the concrete industry, which makes us one of the leading suppliers of concrete machines. We can offer you a block machine that is tailored to your specific production needs. Our block machines are characterized by a large selection in the production of concrete products. The machine is designed to provide a high degree of versatility in products from thin tiles to paving stones and curbs, all with high quality and large volume.



Machine type750 E900 S1200 S1500 S
KVM Auto independent amplitude & frequency control
KVM frequency variable vibration system
Machine frame stress relief by heat treatment
Automatic lubrication vibrator
Main frame by isolation dampers
Concrete Hopper placed on rubber dampers
Rounded corners concrete hopper
Proportional controlled mould airbags
Variable displacement hydraulic pumps
Fixed displacement hydraulic pumps
Low energi motors and energy saving functions
Pneumatic Scraper Filling Boxo
Proportional direction valves
Linear position transducer
Automatic cooling & heating hydraulic oilo
Offline filter hydraulic stationoo
Extra filling sectionoooo
Quick adjusting of filling table and hopperooo
Raise/lowering of hopper in operationooo
Quick Mould Changeoooo
Automatic mould changeoooo
Rubber bufferoooo
Steel Casting plateoooo
Remote Control:oooo
Large Pallet magazine with unloadingooo
Pallet inlet with small magazineoooo
Spray on pallet feederoooo
Safety fencingoooo
Service platformoooo
Flexible compacting headoooo
Tamperhead vibratorsoooo
Tamperhead sprayoooo
Cross brushoooo
Rubber Sockoooo
Inspection gate for concrete hopperoooo
Hopper linings Supralin, Stainless Steel, Rubber or Hardoxoooo
Rotary brushooo
Agitator Gridoooo
Extra Filling Boxoooo
Wedge System for grate (static bars)ooo
Extended mould cylindersoooo
Mold core pulleroooo
Device for styrofoamoooo
500 mm Productsoooo
• = Standard equipment o = Selectable option

Block Machine Features

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