Mould Inserts

Mould Inserts

Our inserts are made of hardened certified steel, which is bolted to the frame. This means that the insert is quick to replace. The hardening process gives the metal an increased surface hardness and abrasion resistance, whereas the core of the metal is tough and flexible. 

The combination of these properties helps to strengthen the durability and fracture safety of the insert.

Benefits of our Mould Inserts

  • It is bolted in the frame, which makes it quick to replace
  • KVM’s patented FixWrap system ensures you a quick and correct replacement of inserts and stamp plates, which minimizes your production stoppage
  • Our inserts have undergone a hardening process which gives the metal an increased surface hardness and abrasion resistance
  • Milled out of a whole piece of steel, which gives fine tolerances of +/- 0.3mm

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