KVM companies merge into one

KVM in Kjellerup has so far been divided into 2 legal units: The parent company KVM Industrimaskiner A/S, which has also been the producing unit, and the sales subsidiary KVM International A/S.

With effect from November 2021, we have decided to merge the subsidiary KVM International A/S into the parent company KVM Industrimaskiner A/S. At the same time, the continuing company is changing its name to KVM A/S.

In future, KVM A/S will operate under the same CVR number as the former KVM Industrimaskiner A/S: 71014118. 

For suppliers to KVM Industrimaskiner A/S, it means that in future it will be the exact same company that you have registered and traded with so far.

For our KVM International A/S customers, on the other hand, it will be another company in which the overall KVM A/S will stand as a stronger and far more solid partner. Therefore, we ask our customers to note and register the changed CVR number. Regarding payment, all bank accounts from KVM International A/S will be continued in the continuing company, KVM A/S.

Contact data for KVM A/S

Industrivej 22 – 24
DK-8620 Kjellerup
+45 87 702 700
CVR No.: 71014118

In addition to making KVM an even more solid partner, the purpose of the merger is, among other things, to simplify and streamline the legal structure and internal workflows. 

Employees and product program etc. from KVM International A/S is transferred to KVM A/S, which also takes over all contractual, intellectual, and commercial rights and obligations. 

As a partner, you will thus continue to be met by the same employees as before, now just employed in KVM A/S.

We look forward to a continued good collaboration.


Moulds » Technical Support

Head of Division
Kjeld Sejrup

D. +45 87 702 776

Moulds » Aftersales & Service

Head of Division
Kjeld Sejrup

D. +45 87 702 776

Sales Coordinator,
Intern Sales
Margit B. Brix

D. +45 87 702 755