Mixed Material Storage

Square or round silos designed for horizontal skip tracks for high installations or inclined skip tracks for low installations with or without load cells. Can also be combined with an inclined skip track to horizontal skip. The silos are insulated / covered and are fitted with heated sector gates at the outlet and roller cover at the silo inlet. The round silos features 8 mm wear plates in the silo cone. 

The silos are located in single or two rows. The asphalt skip is operated as a standard by a frequency regulated winch with integrated holding brake.  

The asphalt skip on the horizontal track runs in X or X / Y direction with self-propelled frequency controlled transmission including brake and exact positioning system with feedback. 

The asphalt storage plant can be offered including full or partly covered skip track and silos. 

Various options for retrofit silos.


  • Environment friendly – Optimal insulation. 
  • Modular design 
  • Possibility for integrated scale system. 
  • Retrofit Customer adapted solutions.  
  • Optionally left and right side loading. 
  • Optionally long term storage solutions. 
  • Safe access facilities  
  • EN 1090 EXC 2

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