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As standard, KVM produces two different types of cubing systems, the Ecoline 120 and the Speedline 140 systems. Both systems are characterised by long life, short cycle time, and great reliability.

KVM cubers are constructed for maximum versatility and can handle products from any block machine. The heavy construction combined with well proven hydraulic and electronic control results in heavy and precise cubers requiring a minimum of maintenance.

For special concrete products, which need to be handled and packed with care, KVM offers robot solutions in many variations. KVM also produces a manual cuber, which is often used on smaller machines and production facilities.

The KVM robot is designed for cubing and palletizing special concrete products, which are not suited to be clamped by normal KVM cuber. The KVM Robot can handle all types of products if necessary but is characterised by accuracy and great versatility for adding features in between the layers of product stacks.


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