Towards the WorldSkills in Kazan, training for the young industrial technician Casper Rasmussen is intensified.

The training for WorldSkills has entered the decisive final phase for 21-year-old industrial technician Casper Rasmussen, who competes in the CNC turning competition when the world championships are held in Kazan in Russia at the end of August.

Casper’s coach is the experienced WorldSkills and DM in Skills judge Henrik Nielsen.

He has been following Casper for the past several months and has been involved in organizing the training program that runs all the way until the flight is ready to take off towards Russia.

Trains in Germany

Casper has trained 1-2 times per week together with Henrik at Learnmark in Horsens. Here we have a machine which is similar of the machine that they must compete on in Russia. We also signed Casper up for a course at DMG Moris Academy in Bielefeld, Germany, where he will be few days in week 27, says Henrik Nielsen

Toolbox of 300-400 Kg

On July 1st there was a deadline for shipment of the toolbox, which Casper needs for the competition in Russia. The toolbox which among other things consists of cutting tools and measurement tools, weighs 300-400 Kg, and the contents needs to be closely documented before sending it to Russia.

The very last training before Worldskills is launced two days before and takes place in Russia, says Henrik Nielsen: – The participants get what is called familiarization time in the competition area, to be consistent with the machines and the Mastercam – the drawing program to test if it works as it does at home.

Then three days of competition follows for Casper Rasmussen. Every day he has to solve a task in four hours. No one knows the task beforehand, which is made by an external judge.

It is a pleasure to follow Casper in his training, and it just runs! He is unique, and he will do well in Russia, assures the coach.