Series 900

Blokstensmaskiner serie 900

These machines are medium sized block making machines and can be delivered as ”S” and “E” version.
The machines are very versatile and are used by producers wanting a reliable and flexible machine with a basic output.

This series is used for producing all types of products i.e. slabs, kerb stones, building blocks, bricks, pavers, briquettes etc. with heights from 28 – 300 mm. An optional 500 mm high products is also possible.

In addition to the machine being able to produce all kind of concrete products, this series is often used for production of special concrete products.

Due to the controlled concrete handling, the machine gives an accurate filling of all types of moulds with a density variation of less than 1% and a height variation of 0,5 mm. The controlled concrete handling also allows the machine to produce with a concrete that is more wet than normal and contains less cement.

The Series 900 pallet sizes ranges from 900 x 750 mm.

Keywords for the block machine:

Efficiency and versatility
Absolute reliability
Simple maintenance

In addition to the series of block machines mentioned, KVM develops and  sells specially developed machines, that fit the individual customer’s production pallet or for the production of special products.

For more information please contact our sales team.

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Blokstensmaskiner serie 900
Series 900
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