Casper from KVM International A/S is among the world’s best Industrial Technicians

After four intense competition days in the Russian city of Kazan, industrial technician Casper Rasmussen from KVM in Kjellerup on Tuesday evening received his prize with a beautiful ‘Medallion for Excellence’.

Medallion for Excellence is awarded to competitors who earn points at the absolute top of their competition. Casper finished in a splendid 7th place by 28 participants in CNC turning, proving that he is among the world’s best industrial engineers.

The competitions were launched on Friday, August 23 and took place over four days with the participation of 1,600 young craftsmen from 60 nations.

The great position is a source of enthusiasm for both his company, KVM International A/S, and his school, Mercantec in Viborg, both of which sent delegations to Russia to attend the competitions and support Casper Rasmussen along the way.

– At KVM we are more than proud to have one of the world’s best industrial technicians employed. It has been exciting to follow Casper through his apprenticeship at KVM, where he quickly began to show his qualities. Therefore, we chose to give him the best opportunities with time and space for him to develop as much as possible. He has now fully proved that it was a good investment. Well done, Casper!, Says Lars Christiansen, production manager at KVM International A/S

– With his efforts here at WorldSkills, Casper shows that you can get very far with a vocational education – also internationally. Of course, this is also due to Casper himself, because he is extremely skilled and dedicated to his work. But it is also because, as a school, we have focused on developing his talent in close collaboration with his company, KVM International, says John Hansen, Head of Education at Mercantec.

Half-year’s targeted training

If you have followed 21-year-old Casper Rasmussen through the last year and a half of training, who is trained and educated at KVM International A/S in Kjellerup, the achievement of his medal was no surprise. He has worked extremely focused on the Worldskills with a personal trainer twice a week, mental training in the evening and most recently a study trip to Germany, where he was allowed to work on the same type of CNC machine as the WorldSkills competition.

Casper himself is well pleased with the result.

– I am feeling fantastic. I have reached my goal and it is completely indescribable, says Casper immediately after the award ceremony.