In half a year, Casper Rasmussen will stand the distance in the CNC Turning competition for WorldSkills industrial technicians in Kazan, Russia.

20 years old Casper Rasmussen was selected to WorldSkills, after he won the DM in Skills for Industrial Technicians in 2018. The Training takes time, but Casper Rasmussen himself believes to have found a good balance in daily life.

– In the new year I spent two full days a week training in Horsens. There I have the best conditions for training, because they have equipment and turning lathe very similar to those for WorldSkills. So I don’t get closer to how it gets to the World Cup, says Casper Rasmussen.

Mental training one evening a week

In addition to the two weekly training days, the young industrial technician also uses leisure time to practice the drawing programs on the computer for each training session. And as something completely new, he has also begun training the psyche.

– I have started going to mental training one evening a week to be able to handle the pressure that comes. It’s about getting better at thinking the right thoughts and getting the mental profit when I spend so much time on it. I also work on transferring the calmness I have had in the training course to when I come to Russia.

Strengthened Casper

The systematic training begins to give results for Casper Rasmussen, who at WorldSkills only has to compete in the field of industrial technicians.

– I feel a big difference if I look back at the level after the summer holidays last year. I’ve improved and is faster now. Right now we train quickness on the machine, where tasks are on time and in the end check how many points I would have gotten to the last WorldSkills. It is a good way to train, he says.