KVM is the future

KVM has from the early 1950s focused on the continuous development of the company’s products for process technology, and many resources are used every year for new ways of production and process technologies.

Product development is primarily the result of our customers’ experiences and ideas, and the focus is on capacity and efficiency improvements on plants and machines. At the same time, new requirements arise for customers’ products, and a new material must be created through new processes and different technology. But also the machine operators’ working conditions, which are part of the Working Environment Act, constitute an important role of the machines of the future.

At KVM we listen to our customers, only in this way we can get better. We understand the customers’ needs and have long-standing partners, both nationally and internationally.

The focus is on being able to deliver the best machines that can only be made by competent, expertised and experienced employees.

KVM’s employees have high seniority, which we are proud of. Committed employees have for 60 years been part of the development we have achieved today, and next generations are ready to continue the development towards a greener and more sustainable future.

KVM works closely with related industrial associations, universities and research institutions to be updated, whether it is new technologies, robot development or complicated material selection.

For many years, KVM has been working on the world’s most stringent environmental and occupational health and safety requirements, therefore new products have been developed to meet the requirements of the Environmental Act in the future.

KVM is a safe choice for customers and employees who want something more ….