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Our history

1953    Hans Spangenberg Hansen establishes the company, when he buys the majority holding in Kjellerup Vægt og Maskinfabrik. (hence KVM) KVM sells and repairs machinery for the local agricultural industry.

1957    The KVM switches to the production of machinery for aggregate processing and cement production. In the same year the first KVM block making plant is sold.

1963   KVM manufactures their first fully automatic block making machine.

1967   KVM manufactures and installs its first asphalt plant.

1973   KVM INDUSTRIMASKINER K/S is founded.

1981   KVM INDUSTRIMASKINER K/S is converted to KVM INDUSTRIMASKINER A/S. KVM opens new markets and exports plant and machinery to Norway, Sweden, England, South Korea, and Egypt.

1997    Ole Munch and Jesper B. Rasmussen acquire the company which sees a period of intense product development and growth (that is still going on today).

2000  KVM INDUSTRIMASKINER A/S changes its name to KVM INTERNATIONAL A/S in order to demonstrate that KVM is now, more than ever, an internationally oriented player in global market. This period sees an intense growth in market share and product installation across Europe.

2011   Ole Munch sells his shares to Industri Udvikling A/S.

2013  Jesper B. Rasmussen, become the majority shareholder Chairman and Executive, Lars Jørgensen joins the company as Chief Executive.

2017  Lars Jørgensen leaves and Erik Petersen joins the company as SEO.

2018  Zefyr Invest A/S acquires KVM from Industri Udvikling A/S and Jesper B. Rasmussen. Jesper continues co-owner and board member.

2019  Continued product development and business growth.