KVM Euromix 400 and Euromix 700

Euromix 400-4

– sets the standard for sand and gravel dosing equipment in addition to the latest EURO standard. EN 12620, EN 13043, EN 13055-1, EN 13055-2, EN 13139, EN 13242, EN 13383-1, EN 13450, TL SoB-StB 04, TL G SoB-StB 04 TL Stone STB 04.

Today, gravel mixtures are not something that a gravel pit can do without the right equipment. The EU has laid down clear specifications for which gravel mixtures are to be used both for road foundations and concrete mixes. Today, it is not enough to follow the curve of minimum and maximum stone size. The new EN standard clearly states that the average mixtures must only differ slightly from the median curve. This means that all the laboratory measurements taken from the mixtures have a very small variation.

KVM Euromix gravel dosing system meets current and future EN standards.

The same applies to domestic standards and the German TL SoB-StB 04.

(foundation for roads without binders), TL Gestein StB 04 (basis).

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