Finger Car System (FC)

Finger Car System

The FC handling system is the most versatile solution for the handling process offered by KVM. The system is based on a fully automatic system that gives a very gentle handling of the products.

The FC system is based on a conventional finger car which enters the curing chambers, deposits the pallets with fresh products on the shelves and removes them after curing. This system has several advantages: Any pallet type can be used, taller products can be stored by using alternate shelves (and automatically remove unwanted pallets from the system), possible for lifting heavier products by using displaceable forks.

The system can be delivered with covered or insulated racks with roller doors, enabling you to obtain the optimum curing environment for the products. This gives more strength, less consumption of cement and reduced curing time.

Finger Car system includes:

Labour savings
Time indication on produced products
Storing of high/low and heavy products
Full Automatic system
Optimal capacity
Optimal handling and logistics between wet and dry side
Speed controlled movement

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Finger Car System
Finger Car System (FC) 
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