Asphalt mixing plant

In 1967, the first asphalt plant from KVM was put into operation. The product program has since developed and the use of the latest technology and knowledge also ensures today that the product program is in line with the development.

KVM offers state-of-the-art asphalt plants in stationary and semi-mobile design for mounting on concrete foundations or steel mills. The asphalt plant is modular with good space and access conditions. Optional equipment is intended for the design, so it can be integrated from the start or retrofitted as desired. A robust construction is calculated individually and adapted to the current weather and seismic conditions, just as all steel structures are designed and manufactured according to EN 1090.

With KVM asphalt equipment, you have a reliable installation with a high output and low operating costs.

We protect the environment and want to contribute with reduced resource consumption and environmental impact. We want to contribute to increased circular asphalt production, so that through strong and persistent customer relations, we ensure that your experience from today is used in the future product program from KVM.

KVM is an innovative and responsible partner.

Viking 80-160tph
Viking asphalt plant
Capacity: 80-160 tph
Freja asphalt
160-320 tph

Machines for asphalt and other industry

We continuously supply standard machines for the asphalt industry and other industry.

KVM dosing systems / plants, drying plants, transport systems, elevators and mixers are implemented in many contexts in the industry.

For example: Dosing of recycled building materials for stabilizing material, dosing of sand for airports, drying of slate, sand, dolomite lime, scrap metal, transport of sand, lime, anthracite and aggregate for the concrete industry and hot mix of anthracite.

Dosing plant
Drying plant
Filter plant
Silos for filler
Mixed material
Bitumen – PMB and emulsion tanks
Equipment for recycled asphalt granules (RAP)
Additiv tilsætning
Equipment for dosing of additives
AMC – Asphalt
manufacturing control

Gravel, sand and lime

Gravel sand lime

Equipment and machines for the gravel pits have previously been one of the main products, and for more than 60 years, KVM has gained considerable experience in producing various gravel pit equipment such as round grinders, dosing plants and conveyor.

Today, our gravel digging program consists primarily of two asphalt-based products – Sand / gravel dosing plant (Euromix) and drying plant for lime / sand / slate (Euro dryers). All processes are controlled by KVM’s own control system.

The product program also contains loading / unloading arrangements, conveyors and dosing units.

KVM has the experience and the machines for handling any raw material also in related industries.


Asphalt Manufacturing Control (AMC) system

Informative at all levels. The operator is at the center of this network-based modern PLC / PC control.

Intuitive 2-screen layout ensures quick understanding of the user interface. Easy access to all the functions of the system directly from the screen gives the great overview of the process and the recipe management.

Data collection and full traceability with access in a SQL database gives the laboratory and ERP system full insight. Daily production reports via smartphone ensure continuous updates in a busy day.

Electric panels and electric cabinet are located around the plant and are designed and made by our own innovative automation engineers.

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AMC fremtidens asfaltstyring