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Continuous product development and testing create new machines and process technology and are also instrumental in optimizing existing plants. With more than 60 years of experience in the industry, KVM is a competent and reliable partner.

KVM offers you a long-term relationship and a 24/7/365 service line.

KVM stands for Quality, and we know what efficiency and reliability means for your company. Read more

Our history

1953  Hans Spangenberg Hansen establishes the company, when he buys the majority holding in Kjellerup Vægt og Maskinfabrik. (hence KVM) KVM sells and repairs machinery for the local agricultural industry.

1957    The KVM switches to the production of machinery for aggregate processing and cement production  Read more

Mission og vision

KVM designs, manufactures and services environmentally friendly and efficient process technology for asphalt and the concrete industry.

KVM works to ensure that customers, employees, suppliers and owners are treated a little better than the majority.

At the same time, KVM works with sustainable process technology for the asphalt and concrete industry in order to future-proof the community’s infrastructure and construction works.

KVM is the future

KVM has from the early 1950s focused on the continuous development of the company’s products for process technology, and many resources are used every year for new ways of production and process technologies.

Product development is primarily the result of our customers’ experiences and ideas, and the focus is on capacity and efficiency improvements on plants and machines. At the same time, new requirements arise for customers’ products, and a new material must be created through new processes and different technology. Read more